Lara Max, “Steel Bass, Cooper Grass”

Art Space Gallery invites you to the June Arts in Rockland first Friday art walk.   We will be hanging a new show in our front room. Please stop by and join us for wine, refreshments and meet our artists Friday, June 3rd, 5 to 8pm. This reception will feature the work of Obrianna Cornelius, Lori Davis, Penny Markley and Lara Max.

Artisan blacksmith, Lara Max focuses on creating forms with texture and color from basic metal shapes. Her sculpture entitled “Swimming Fish” was inspired by the idea of fishing in a Maine stream on a cool spring day.   “I wanted to capture the illusion of light and movement of a fish swimming under water, making its way through the grass.” Using a technique called repoussé, a French word meaning “to push back”, she accomplishes just that. With hammers and chisels the bass was created in mild steel and heat blued, the grass is hammered copper and the entire sculpture is mounted on a piece of marble.

Obrianna Cornelius is an award winning artist who specializes in colorful watercolor landscapes. She received training in Fine Art at Pensacola Christian College, where she developed her skill and knowledge in realism. She lives and works in scenic Maine where she is known for her bold, highly-detailed paintings, filled with natural color and scenic lighting effects.   The beautiful landscape and unique culture inspire her artwork. From the glory of a sunset over the ocean, to the historic architecture, to the details of an ice covered berry or a brilliantly colored fall leaf, Maine never stops amazing her. Watercolor is her primary medium, but she is also talented when working with pen and ink, pencil, colored pencil, oils, and mixed media.

Photographer Lori Davis is intrigued by Nature and captures spectacular moments in time, bringing them back to share with others. It’s the simplicity which entices her to look closer, and she’s always amazed by the intricate details discovered. A single autumn leaf falls victim to a rain storm, but explodes with stunning colors, texture and detail that make one little leaf suddenly appear so complex. Patterns in the sand left by an outgoing ocean wave, the complex color pallet and abstract forms of a sunrise sky, or even the brilliant clown-like colors of a puffin’s beak… all just simple things in Nature that when looking more closely, are so exquisite and incredibly detailed. These are the images Lori will be sharing during this show.


Penny Markley, from Winthrop, is intrigued, by the effect of the light, and changing seasons on the landscapes of Maine. Her paintings capture her reaction to this visual wealth. She loves the coast, but lives inland and finds great beauty in fields, hills, marshes, lakes and mountains. For this show she has focused on an area that has it all, Acadia National Park, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of it’s founding this summer.

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