“Isaac Evans,” oil on canvas by Carol Douglas


“Below the Waterline: Seven Weeks in the Shipyard”

The featured show this June at Camden Falls Gallery in Camden is the result of an artist’s chance meeting with local living history.

House artist Carol Douglas recently discovered and captured in oil on canvas Rockland waterfront’s spring “fitting out.” For seven weeks, she documented the annual, historic ritual of hauling schooners from the water onto the “ways” at the North End Shipyard and outfitting each vessel for the new season, much like an aging actor being “gussied up” for yet another arduous summer performance.

Works by other house artists, including Loretta Krupinski, will also be exhibited in the show. Loretta Krupinski undertook her own interpretation of Maine’s historic working waterfronts. In conjunction with Down East Enterprises, she delved through archival photographs from a variety of local sources and developed a group series of highly detailed oils. These 40 paintings, compiled in the book, Looking Astern, bring to life coastal Maine during the turn of the century. Krupinski’s work, like Bellows, brings out the courageous humanity and strength of dockworkers, sailors, and fishermen.

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