William Marvin, “Timeless”, Oil on Canvas 24x18
William Marvin, “Timeless”, Oil on Canvas 24×18

Few influences have had the impact on American landscape painting as the rugged stretch of coast that was destined to become Acadia National Park in 1916. From the early 19th century early American painters like Cole and Church were inspired by its granite cliffs, pristine islands and the ever changing moods of its coastal waters and dramatic shoreline. This show presents fresh works of Acadia by five realist painters throughout the month of July.

William Marvin feels privileged to be able to capture this beauty on canvas out in the open, fresh and unspoiled. His paintings, focused on the cliffs of Acadia, reveal dynamic compositions and an impressionistic use of color.

Richard Roflow loved to paint the iconic images of Acadia National Park. He was a two-time winner in the National Park Academy of the Arts competition, and the featured artist in the Presidential suite of the Bar Harbor Regency during Obama’s visit in July, 2010.

Debra Lord Cooke is a contemporary realist painter with over 25 years experience painting Maine landscapes in all four seasons. With a traditional approach to composition and technique her recent work explores the quality of light at dawn along the Acadian coast in summer.

William Loebs is a member of the Copley Society of Boston, Mass., and his paintings are in the Carnegie National Exhibit and the collections of many private individuals. “I love still life and landscapes, oils and pastels. I love nature and her mysteries, and do my best to stress quality of craftsmanship while painting in traditional realism.”

Charles McCaughtry, is a painter of Maine’s pure landscapes and the interactions of earth, water, sky, and light are the major themes of his work. Charles has had over forty solo exhibitions and has participated in over two hundred national, regional, and special exhibitions. His watercolors have been honored with over thirty awards.

Besides the Acadian collection, this midsummer show encompasses 7 large rooms showing Maine seascapes from Kittery to Quoddy Head. The exhibition may be seen until Labor Day at the Blue Hill Bay Gallery on Main St. in Blue Hill, Tues-Sat 10am to 4pm. FMI visit bluehillbaygallery.com or call 207-374-5773.

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