Mary Aro - Found on Street - East Side Detroit, Watercolor on Paper 9" x 12", 2016
Mary Aro – Found on Street – East Side Detroit, Watercolor on Paper
9″ x 12″, 2016


THE TURTLE GALLERY – July 10th Art Opening

The second show of the 2016 and 34th season at the Turtle Gallery will feature: 

Mary Aro Retrospective (Paintings), Margaret Rizzio (Mixed Media), Heather Guidero (Jewelry)

with Selected Watercolors by Linda Funk, Marjorie Glick, Lisa Houck & Sandy Wadlington (caran d’ache pastel)

The show begins with an Opening Reception Sunday, July 10 from 2 to 6 PM and runs through Saturday, August 6th.

Longtime Turtle Gallery artist Mary Aro will be showing both new and old representations of realism in this Retrospective show.  As always, the contrast of her life in the Metro-Detroit area creates a fascinating parallel to her other world of rural Maine.  As an artist, she has found beauty in what others may view as trashed and dirty;  delicately depicting a burning trash heap at the transfer station or a roadside crushed can with her watercolor brush.  Aro states, “A seemingly mundane landscape offers many possibilities: unexpected beauty, strange juxtapositions of objects, shapes, patterns, the contrast of natural and man-made topography. Things are rearranged, covered with dirt, smolder, burn, or disappear altogether. Emotions are aroused as the artificial and natural world meet.” The 87-year-old Aro will also be showing work in oils, with two recently completed portraits, and several of her hallmark landscape works.

Mary Aro - Portrait I - Oil on Canvas - 16 x 20, 2016
Mary Aro – Portrait I – Oil on Canvas – 16 x 20, 2016

Camden resident and Blue Hill native Margaret Rizzio, will have new multi-layered collages on display; combining both new elements with fresh context.  Rizzio’s work attempts to engage the viewer in a tiny world full of synchronistic and seductive, often repeating, elements. 

Margaret Rizzio - To You (Detail) Mixed Media - 6" x 8", 2016
Margaret Rizzio –
To You (Detail)
Mixed Media – 6″ x 8″,

Heather Guidero, a trained goldsmith and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) graduate, views jewelry as a form of personal sculpture.  Inspired by modernist design, her forms range from everyday wear to visionary statement pieces.

In addition, four female Gallery artists will have new Watercolor and Caran d’ache pastel pieces on display.  These range from playful work to vivid realism to rich landscapes and precision botanicals.

Other Gallery artists, a vast collection of Jewelry and Contemporary Craft, the Annual Print Show and Sculpture Garden will also be on display.  Light refreshments will be served.

Marjorie Glick - Joyful Day - Watercolor - 25” x 40”, 2014
Marjorie Glick – Joyful Day – Watercolor – 25” x 40”, 2014

Open since 1982, The Turtle Gallery encompasses an 1876 two-story barn, the adjacent Centennial House Gallery and outdoor Sculpture Gardens.  Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 – 5:30 and Sunday 2 to 6. The facility is located at 61 N. Deer Isle Road on Route 15, just north of the Deer Isle village center. For more information, please call 348-9977, or visit  We are on Facebook and Instagram under TheTurtleGallery.

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