Landing Gallery, 409 Main St. in Rockland announces the opening of “TWO HEARTS: TWO VISIONS”, July 1 – July 31”.  A two person exhibition of new oil paintings by Bruce Busko and new photographs by Roberta Baumann. The Artists’ Opening Reception will be held on Friday, July 1st, from 5-8 PM during Rockland’s first Friday art walk.


Roberta and Bruce frequently work side by side and this exhibit shows how two artists see the landscape and interpret the same subject differently.  Individual directions in their art are not limited by their proximity.  When comparing the same subject locations, their art reveals how each artist focuses on their unique creativity.

"April Evening, Spruce Head, Maine" by Bruce Busko Oil/Canvas 30" x 40"
“April Evening, Spruce Head, Maine” by Bruce Busko Oil/Canvas 30″ x 40″

Bruce Busko is an exhibiting artist and Owner/ Director of Landing Gallery.  His work has been exhibited in his galleries since 1980 with a long list of additional Juried Shows, Invitational Exhibits and Awards.  He received his MFA from Pratt Institute and BFA from the Pennsylvania State University. 

"Schoodic Point, Acadia N.P., Winter Harbor, Maine" by Bruce Busko Oil/Canvas 10" x 20"
“Schoodic Point, Acadia N.P., Winter Harbor, Maine” by Bruce Busko Oil/Canvas 10″ x 20″

“During my frequent hikes, throughout Maine, I like to gather inspiration and visual information for my artwork. Nature walks and my outdoor experience become the first step for creating art in my studio.  Sketches, photos, memory and on site materials become the initial components of my painting process.  Each element lends its “specific flavor” to enrich my feeling for the subject. It can begin with a strong composition created by a low tide or perhaps the reflection of the sun and clouds in a calm body of water.  To seek is to find, is my moto.  Selecting what speaks to me is the core and the beginning of my creative experience.” – Bruce Busko

"Low Tide, Spruce Head" by Roberta Bauman Photograph
“Low Tide, Spruce Head” by Roberta Bauman Photograph

Roberta Baumann is an award winning fine art photographer with over 60 shows and exhibits.  Roberta has been taking photographs all of her life and has embraced and mastered new equipment, processes, and techniques. 

"Birch Point Bathers" by Roberta Baumann Photograph
“Birch Point Bathers” by Roberta Baumann Photograph

“Physically exploring space and light while maintaining an ideal histogram is exciting.  Once the subject is chosen, the fun really begins.  Additional processing and making the perfect, final print, is what I enjoy and get excited about.  Out in the field, I make decisions for framing the scene, what to leave in or out and decide what aspect of nature I want to capture.  Living in Maine offers many stimulating subjects from my backyard to an abandoned old mill, there is always something that intrigues me.  I find interiors and landscape equally gratifying to photograph.” – Roberta Baumann


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