Bayview Gallery is delighted to welcome Wendy Newcomb back into our fold.  Living among the beauty of Maine’s lush landscapes, extensive lakes, streams and impressive rocky coasts, Wendy is continuously inspired to capture this imagery in her paintings.  Her palette conveys the magnetism of the environment.  The colors, while true to what she sees, have a vibrancy that reflects her prowess with her medium as well as her passion for her subjects.

As the Tide Turns and Cloudscape, both are oil on panel, 24" x 36"
As the Tide Turns and Cloudscape, both are oil on panel, 24″ x 36″

Wendy reflects on her paintings:

“My paintings represent a visual journal of my life in Maine.  My work reflects my love of nature and my participation in it.  Spending time walking, hiking, kayaking, and biking, I have the opportunity to stop and look closely at my surroundings.  It is this connection to nature that I want to recreate in order to share it with others.  Often, my intent is to give the viewer a sense of being there with me, whether climbing a rock, floating down a river, or looking closely at various plant life.”

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