Off Season Surf, 36 x 36 oil on linen by John M. T. Seitzer

Lynne and John at Joy To The Wind in Boothbay Harbor are hosting an open house from 7-9 pm on Friday, August 5th during the First Friday Art Tour. “Storm surge, wind tossed ocean waves, immobile ledge worn by constant contact. Motion along the uneven shore-conflicted waves, a jumble of rocks caressed. Periwinkles slowly slide, suctioned to their host, seaweed clinging. A pensive traverse along the rocky shore, a picnic shared on a sundrenched ledge, sea mist cooled by gentle breeze.” John M. T. Seitzer What do you experience when you go there? What memories do you bring home? Come see the variety of views  John has depictedof his visits to Ocean Point.
Joy To The Wind, 34 Atlantic Avenue, (on the East side of the Historic Footbridge-across from the Rocktide Inn,) Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 04538.  207-633-7025

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