Shaw Jewelry in Northeast Harbor hosts an OPENING RECEPTION
Thursday, August 3, 5–7pm, with a show that runs August 3–16

Hughes-Bosca: Bountiful Rarity
Largest collection will be August 3–5
Good things need to be replayed, this is our 8th show. They fabricate 18 kt. jewelry using gemstones, colored diamonds, and artifacts from distant corners. It has weight, glowing surface, quiet confidence, and un-restrained boldness. The soulful power of wearing this work will enhance your mood and presence. Come meet our dearest collaborators, Caro-Gray Bosca and Mary Hughes, Thursday through Saturday.

Jaber Lutfi: Exquisite Bizarre Brought to Canvas
If there is common ground between Van Eyck, Picasso and Hieronymus Bosch, Jaber is it. These figurative acrylics tell an indeterminate story of costumed characters with curiousness turned up to 11. Superbly crafted, allegorical, fantasy realism and flirting with ominous events delivered from the mind of this Montreal based artist.

McTeigue Estate Jewelry
Our second presentation of this venerable New York based estate jewelry firm established in 1895 will be presenting fabulous jewels for three days only. Kate Fisher, born in Australia, and an expert for decades, will be exhibiting magnificent pieces that were in high fashion from before you were born.

Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele
You read it right, two historic art revolutionaries right here in NEH. Curated by Jerry Suqi of Gallery Feldermaus in Chicago, he will be bringing collotypes from folios made prior to 1930. You will find evocative line drawings of Schiele’s astonishing draftsmanship, and Klimt’s golden and dense surfaces.

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