Anne Hebebrand, A Careless Shoestring, oil on panel, 28” x 22”, 2018


The Frank Brockman Gallery, in Brunswick presents Delight in Disorder: New Paintings by Anne Hebebrand. Opening: Saturday,  June 8-29, 5:30 – 8:30 PM.  Anne Hebebrand’s color filled paintings range from pure abstraction to more lyrical abstractions full of small passages of line and forms. “There is a wonderful choreography in all of her work, a patient geometry that is musical and balletic at the same time.” (Pat Rosoff)


This is Anne Hebebrand’s first show in Maine and at the Frank Brockman Gallery.  Having moved from Connecticut to Bath, Maine three years ago she is very excited to show her new body of work. Anne delights in the magical things that happen in the painting process creating order out of chaos. Her paintings are made up of multiple layers of blocks of color contrasted with gestural marks. The name for this show was taken from the title of a poem by the 17th century poet Robert Herrick, who expresses the beauty seen in the disorder of small things in life. The poet’s description of the unraveling of a shoelace is a playful metaphor for possibilities that can arise with the gesture of a squiggly line.  “It is the excitement in the activity of painting and the taking of chances that keep me engaged and leads to unpredictable encounters,” writes the artist. “The lyricism in Anne Hebebrand’s work can have us thinking about music with associations of color and line in the manner of Paul Klee’s paintings. Her checkerboard and striped blocks of color contrasted with her rhythmic loopy lines start you humming as the artist establishes counterpoint in each individual work.” (Pamela Ambrose)


Anne Hebebrand was born and raised in Germany and now splits her time between Bath, Maine  and Todos Santos, a small artist town in Baja California, Mexico. Before moving to Bath, Maine, Anne taught at Great Path Academy, Manchester Community College and at Albertus Magnus College in Connecticut.  She was named the Connecticut Art Education Association’s Outstanding Secondary Arts Educator in 2012. Anne’s pieces are in many private collections in the United States, Germany and Mexico.

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