Join Cove St. Arts for the opening reception of: Paperwork. The exhibition, curated by Bruce Brown, features works on paper by four artists: Karen Adrienne, Kathleen Florance, Frank Mauceri, and Munira Naqui.

Working on paper offers a freedom and delicate immediacy that can result in a direct outpouring of creativity. Often a substrate for studies and experiments, paper offers its own techniques, aesthetics, and modes of art-making.

To highlight and celebrate these possibilities, all of the works in the exhibition are abstractions; works of four artists focused on form, technique, and color (or lack thereof). Karen Adrienne flattens nature into planes of color, mark, and movement, while exploring the properties of the actual paper by folding or embossing it. Each of Kathleen Florance’s works is a dance “guided by line, charmed by color,” as marks create structure across the paper. Frank Mauceri engages the problem of designing systems, writing computer code to output visuals with the paper capturing the often surprising “traces” of such systems. While some of Mauceri’s work visually mimics existing language systems, Munira Naqui’s work seeks to create a new visual language in dialogue with the viewer, reductive in nature using the play of line, space, and color to engage. The four artists employ painting, drawing, monotypes, and computer print processes to explore exciting, contemporary uses of one of our oldest materials for conveying thought and emotion.

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