Please join Heidi Daub for the 20th annual 10 x 8 art show and sale Dec. 14th, Emlen Hall, The Bay School Blue Hill, ME 9:30-2:00

“Working in the studio on the 10 x 8 paintings, my hands are pushing the paint, resisting the “outside myself urge” to make them more definitive. 

The brush sometimes comes in at the last to give a hint of definition, or resonance. And then perhaps the whole painting is wiped out again- another color applied with different movement.

But what came before still resounds beneath. 

What interests me now is the obscure, the unknown. No matter how we try to define, focus, make real by articulating the edge, the mystery is what remains, never wavering, inviting us to wonder and possibility.

Would love to see you there! For more information or inquiries call 207-374-5417

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