Cove St. Arts in Portland presents Gardenship: First Voyage, curated by John Bisbee. On view from until April 25.

In the brown fields of Kearny Point, NJ, a vast, empty warehouse sat waiting. Waiting for new vision, waiting for….rebirth. An intrepid crew of thirteen Maine artists accepted the challenge, relishing the opportunity to forge a new creative community from an old naval yard. From little more than this notion and an attunement to the possibilities emanating from the space itself, Gardenship was born.


Henry Austin


Just a few months into the creation of Gardenship, these artists exhibit the first works made in the reimagined space. This body of work is an artifact of their voyage, a visual touchstone providing some tangible measure of their larger and more nebulous act of cultivating a space and community in harmony with those communities already extant in Kearny. The exhibition is an exciting glimpse into how this monumental project is shaping these Maine artists and influencing their work as they react to a new space and a new community. Where they will take Gardenship and where it will take them remains a wonderful mystery. Join us in sharing the First Voyage.



John Bisbee


Kwesi Abbensetts


Participating artists:

Kwesi Abbensetts, Henry Austin, John Bisbee, Samantha Butler, Sara Cannon, Isaac Jaegerman, Alice Jones, James Larson, Elijah Ober, Tom Ryan, Kenny Shapiro, Cody Stack, Emilie Stark-Menneg, Nevan Swanson

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