Painting by Sarah Faragher

The solo exhibit “At Sea: new paintings of the Maine coast,” by Sarah Faragher, runs June 5 to 28 at Landing Gallery.

Faragher was born and raised on the coast of Maine and still makes her home there. She calls her paintings “memoirs of my experiences with nature.”

“The ocean is a constant companion,” she writes about her show at Landing Gallery. “In familiar seaside places, I love to sit by a quiet corner of rock and watch the waves offer their unceasing variation on timeless themes. An overwhelming ephemeral element — a cloud, the cast of light, or some tidal circumstance — will so obviously be what to paint next. It gives me a starting point around the anchors of ledges, trees, and islands. It becomes a directive to paint the changing phenomena of the world, in this singular moment.”

The gallery’s next solo exhibit, “Ordinary Time,” opens July 3 and features new paintings by Melissa Post van der Burg.

Landing Gallery is at 409 Main St. in Rockland. Go to for more information, or call 207-239-1223.

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