Reggie Burrows Hodges, “In Retrospect: Behind the Curtain.”

Dowling Walsh Gallery will host exhibitions of work by Reggie Burrows Hodges (June 5 to 27) and Marilynn Karp from (June 5 to Aug. 1). Also on view is an exhibition of works by Betsy Eby through June 27.

Reggie Burrows Hodges’ work centers around visual metaphor and storytelling. He works primarily large-scale on raw canvas, wood and rag paper with acrylic and pastel and explores themes such as identity, truth, surveillance and childhood memories. As method, Hodges paints from a black ground, developing the environment around the figure so it emerges from its surroundings, examining the possibility that we are all products of our environment.

This exhibition brings together multiple series of paintings, all revolving around the theme of memory. Narrative is explored directly through his childhood recollections and representations of community through invented portraiture, bringing in personal experiences as well as imagery. These works show his multifaceted approach to painting and his interest in representations of the everyday.

Marilynn Gelfman Karp, “Magpie & Bee Riff 06.”

Marilynn Karp is a sculptor whose mixed-media, found-object works are represented in collections nationally and abroad. Karp is the author of “In Flagrante Collecto: Caught in the Act of Collecting.” She holds a doctorate in physics and aesthetics and has taught art and material culture at New York University for 42 years. Karp divides her time between her New York City studio and a farmhouse in upstate New York.

The gallery is located at 365 Main St., Rockland, and open by appointment only. To make an appointment, email or call 207-596-0084. Visit for more information.

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