“Undulating Coastline,” by Molly Mains.

Since 2016, Maine artists and friends Marguerite Lawler, Molly Mains, Wendy Newcomb and Holly Berry have met outdoors to seek inspiration. Hiking, sketching and photographing in areas such as Belfast, Vinalhaven, Georgetown, Freeport and the White Mountains, each artist experiences and collects visual information to be further developed individually in their studios.

The dynamic but subtle beauty discovered during these outings is voiced by brush or gouge onto canvas or into wood. The oil paintings and hand-pulled prints may illustrate similar locations and times of year, but are uniquely personalized through materials, techniques, and styles. Lawler’s approach is to organize the chaos of nature and paint it in a way that makes sense to her eye. Mains uses the give and take of gouging blocks and rolling ink with colors and textures interacting with one another. Often accidents and discoveries occur that elicit spontaneous responses and unplanned outcomes.

“Summer Surf,” by Wendy Newcomb.

Newcomb’s paintings are a visual journal of her life in Maine, with a recurring theme being how light falls upon the landscape, how it defines and creates patterns and adds drama to a scene. Berry is most pleased designing narrative and decorative imagery inspired by an attraction to the graphic elements of the natural world. She uses strong lines, bold shapes, saturated colors and patterns in her multi-block linocuts. 

Local Color Gallery is at 135 High St. in Belfast, open every day. For details, visit localcolorgallerymaine.com.

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