As summer days dwindle, the Deer Isle Artists Association is taking a “Fresh Approach” and will display interesting creations by local Peninsula artists.

From Sept. 7 to 19, visitors to the gallery can view work by Ben Appleby-Maguire, Herman James, Sarah Baskin, Jaeohk Keenan, Steve Ettlinger, Jill Finsen, Pat Hreljanovic, Anita Kimball, Megan LeBoutillier, Diane Maguire-Horton, Debra Nygaard, Lori Roll, Roz Sommer, Robert Starkey, Paul Trowbridge, and Hubert White. In the Art Rack are works by Leslie Anderson, Cynthia Stroud-Watson, Avery Falkner and Jackie Davidson.

“Small Works” is on display until Sept. 5, a show that features art that will fit into a suitcase.

Beginning on Sept. 21, the gallery will present “Raven’s Call.”

Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

All CDC/Maine government protocols will be maintained, and masks are required in the gallery.

The DIAA Gallery is at 15 Main St., Deer Isle Village. Go to, or call 207-348-2430 for additional information.

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