Jean Jack

Artist Jean Jack has earned a reputation for her unique — and now iconic — rendition of New England-style farmhouses and barns. Although she had no personal experience growing up in or around these structures, she found herself mesmerized by a particular farmhouse in Connecticut while in the early stages of her artistic career.

After surreptitiously photographing this structure, she painted her own version and entered it in a competition at the famed Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, Connecticut. Her competition win affirmed her passion for the subject matter.

While subsequently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she continued to trek hours to America’s farming heartland for inspiration. In addition to pursuing her art, including time spent operating her own art and antique gallery, Jack spent years traveling around the country, supporting her husband’s military service and career and raising their children. She and her husband, Claude, eventually settled in Maine.

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