At long last, MCA’s beloved Weekend Workshop is back with three and a half days of your choice of seven workshops, held at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle.

The Workshop will be held May 12 to 15. 

Online registration is open.

Students select first and second choices for workshops and accommodations, with the understanding that workshops and accommodations are on a first-come-first-served basis, and waitlists are created as options fill.

At the time of registration, MCA will collect a $100 non-refundable deposit and an image of your vaccination card, your registration will not be considered complete without these items. 

Membership Status: Please note, that after registration you will be billed based upon your MCA membership status. To expedite the process, update your MCA membership if you have not already; otherwise, you will be billed at the cost of a non MCA member.

For more information or questions, contact MCA program manager Simonne Feeney at [email protected]


Forging and Fabricating Utensils with Erica Moody

Explore ways of moving and forming hot & cold metal sheet and rod into eating utensils. 

Creating Covered Jars with Marian Baker

A focus on wheel thrown covered jars of all kinds with 2021’s Maine Craft Artist Award winner. 

Introduction to Puppetry with Libby Marcus

Explore puppetry from its essential nature as the animation of inanimate objects to shadow, hand, rod, and string puppets. 

Rebel: Take Action with Kifah Abdulla

A discussion and exercise on visual language and how we communicate using drawing, calligraphy and painting.  

Repetition in Nature: An Enameling Workshop with Tanya Crane

Learn to use various approaches to repetitive mark-making in vitreous enamel using nature’s natural patterns as a guide. 

The Art of Writing a Memoir with Abdi Nor Iftin

A focus on writing personal stories. Participants will read and discuss excerpts from published novels, memoirs and short stories, and write stories to share and discuss together. 

Coffin Making, Green Burials and Home Funerals with Chuck Lakin

Your chance to learn about green burials and home funerals while creating one of three coffin designs. 

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