“Mama’s Stoop” by Ashley Bryan.

The Ashley Bryan Center in Islesford announces its newest initiative, an expansion to the Storyteller Pavilion. The original structure houses Bryan’s sea glass windows, puppets and paintings. The addition will enable the Pavilion to become a center for learning, reflection and inspiration — an interactive space hosting art classes, poetry readings and workshops, as well as other activities featuring visiting artists and storytellers.

Ashley Bryan, “Bobby Shafto’s Gone to Sea.”

Ashley’s Table will be a replica of his storied dining room, where guests can sit around the table, as if they are in his house. It will be filled with his toys, books, poetry and, of course, jellybeans.

The second room, the Community Room, will be designed to accommodate the operations of a small art center.

The Ashley Bryan Center looks forward to sharing Bryan’s vision of art as integral to daily life and an adventure to be shared.

In support of the Pavilion project, new editions of Bryan’s linoleum prints, completed for books and as personal greetings to friends and family, are available for purchase.

Go to ashleybryancenter.org to see the selection, and enable more people to discover the meaning in Bryan’s observation to “wake up in the morning and find the child in you!”