“Skating on the Lily Pond” by Leslie Landrigan.

Leslie Landrigan will be the Deer Isle Artists Association Resident Artist for the month of March. While many people may be familiar with Landrigan because of her reporting in the Penobscot Bay Press, she is also a very skilled painter who utilizes both oil and watercolors.

Landrigan has painted for about 20 years and is influenced by the rugged landscape of the Maine coast. Focusing on the landscapes around her allows her to paint much more prolifically than she did before moving to the island, and the sights and colors of the Peninsula are apparent in her work.

A member of the DIAA for about seven years, Landrigan frequently exhibits her work in the gallery and she is a popular participant in the annual 12 X 12 show held each summer at DIAA.

During her time as Artist in Residence, Landrigan will be painting watercolors of Deer Isle to illustrate a book about the island that she is currently working on.

The public is invited to visit the gallery to chat and to observe Landrigan’s process. She plans to be at the gallery on weekdays (with the exception of Tuesdays) during the afternoon hours, remaining at work on her art until approximately 5 p.m.

As in previous months, the DIAA will offer opportunities for the community to participate in free workshops.

Ongoing at the gallery is “Winter Windows,” which highlights work by various members of the DIAA. Items in the windows are available for purchase by contacting Cynthia Bourque Simonds at [email protected].

The DIAA Gallery is located at 15 Main St., Deer Isle Village. Go to www.deerisleartists.com, or call 207-598-9656 for more information.

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