The work of Tegan Curry has been displayed in Fore River Gallery for about nine years, and as a vendor during that time, only a limited selection of her work was available in the shop. That has all changed as she was welcomed as a full-time member of the gallery this past January. Not only will she have a more of her jewelry in the store available but also a variety of any other artwork she creates.

Along with a larger body of Curry’s artwork in the gallery, her physical presence will also be a major addition to the shop. You can find her at the gallery on Wednesdays.

“It’s great,” said founding member Liz Marks. “Any time a customer walks through our door is an opportunity to create a relationship directly with the artist working. While I can speak on the work created by Tegan, or any other artists in our shop, she now is able to give an insight into how she works and continue to build her brand as an artist.”

“It’s what makes our gallery a unique storefront,” added T.J. McDermott. “I’ve developed friendships with my customers and have been creating artwork for them for years and I’m excited knowing Tegan will have the same opportunity as the rest of us.”

As the Old Port gallery closed for a couple of weeks in January, the members revamped the space and made more accommodations to expand the collection Tegan has created. 

“To say I’m excited to become a member of Fore River is an understatement,” Curry said. “They’ve been showing and selling my work for a long time and I can’t express how happy I am to become part of this team. I love all their work and think its a great, cohesive, unique blend of artists and art.”

A celebration to welcome the addition of Tegan to Fore River Gallery, located at 87 Market St. in Portland’s Old Port, will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. on Portland’s First Friday Art Walk on May 5. The Clam Bar Portland, the soon to be opened restaurant at 199 W. Commercial St., will be providing snacks and beverages.

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