Lynne Drexler, “Red Pink.”

Moss Galleries is showing the exhibition “Lynne Drexler: All the Decades,” showcasing an extraordinary mini-retrospective of 23 oil paintings by artist Lynne Drexler, dating from 1958 to 1998. On view at Moss Galleries Portland through Sept. 23, this exhibition presents an opportunity to experience the evolution of Drexler’s vibrant, abstract landscapes and still lifes from her illustrious career.

A pioneering female artist in abstract expressionism, Drexler defied conventions and left an enduring mark on the art world. Her artistic brilliance gained recognition in 2015, 16 years after her death, when one of her paintings graced the pages of Architectural Digest, displayed proudly in the home of celebrities Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Subsequently, in the spring of 2022, two early works described as “mosaic-like fields of bright colors” by the New York Times fetched prices exceeding $1 million each at Christie’s, catapulting Drexler into the spotlight as one of the establishment’s most exciting “newly discovered” artists.

As a Maine-based gallery specializing in artists from Maine’s Monhegan Island, Moss Galleries is in a privileged position to narrate the complete story of Drexler’s artistic journey. “Lynne Drexler: All the Decades” traces the evolution of her subject matter, stylistic changes, and innovative use of color, music and pattern, all influenced by her profound connection with nature and the island itself.

“This exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the depth and richness of Drexler’s artistic legacy, showcasing her unmatched ability to evoke emotions through vivid colors and captivating compositions,” said Elizabeth Moss, owner of Moss Galleries.

William Corwin, art critic for Hyperallergic, praises Drexler’s revolutionary approach, stating, “Drexler’s innovation in terms of presenting color was quickly recognized by both (Hans) Hofmann and her other mentor Robert Motherwell: she was steering in a direction that contained the raw emotional energy of action painting but was not following the path of watery skeins of color of her contemporaries like Helen Frankenthaler or bold juxtapositions of form and texture, such as Perle Fine or Willem de Kooning.”

Previous Drexler exhibitions at Moss Galleries have been resounding successes, focusing on specific periods of her illustrious career. “Orchestrations in Color” (2021) featured 20 works on canvas and paper created between 1959 and 1977, while “Bathed in Color” (2020) captivated audiences with 11 large-scale works from 1968 to 1971.

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