Kharris Brill
Kharris Brill

The solo exhibition “ConStruct: The Art of Assemblage” will be on view at Meetinghouse Arts Gallery in Freeport from April 19 to 28, featuring the work of Kharris Brill.

Brill’s work includes a wide range of assemblage techniques, in which recycled and found objects are positioned into or onto frames. She draws inspiration from the works of Joseph Cornell and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Over 60 of Brill’s works will be presented in six thematic groupings:

Paperworks: Experimentation with paper textures, treatments and surfaces.

Techno-Nature: Juxtaposition of natural materials with elements of technology

Mechanical: Deconstructed devices reconstituted into a new manifestation

Disquiet: Evocation of discomforting imagery — what’s lurking in the subconscious?

Darker Days: History and current news meld into a new dayscape — one that causes sorrow and shame.

Hope Springs Eternal: Self-reflection can create new beginnings.

Visitors are encouraged to explore them in the same kid-curious wonder with which Brill created them.

Meetinghouse Arts Gallery is at 40 Main St., Freeport. See, or call 207-865-0040 for more information.