COVE Free Rein
Free Rein, watercolor on paper, 30″ x 22″

“Surrender your whole being to a note, and gravity disappears … with one chord.” — Carlos Santana

“Electric Chord” is on view at Cove Street Arts from March 28 to May 18, with an opening reception on March 28. A chord is a combination of three or more notes that form the basis of a harmony. In curating this show, the gallery chose the work of three artists that together create a visual chord — pieces, which, on their own, form individual notes but, put together, create a harmony.

The swirls and organic forms of Gail Rickards flow into the lyrical brushstrokes of David Little with Jackie Brown’s intricate cut-outs providing depth and texture. These three bodies of work resonate beautifully, with each unique vibration contributing to a cohesive whole.


In March 2020, when the pandemic lockdown closed my coffee group meetings and most social events, feelings of complacency laced with procrastination had me wondering how this crisis would affect the creative juices. Late that month I came across a New York Times article “Readers’ Ideas for Finding Cheer at Home” that struck a chord!

The Times asked readers “to share their ideas for pursuing the traveler’s spirit of discovery, curiosity, and delight within their new limitations of home.”The Times article triggered a vague longing to look back and see if I could pick up where I had left off—in 1989! This “reset” helped fill the vacuum created by the pandemic and kick start a review of my earlier style (think Miró, Kandinsky, Klee, Ernst, Arp, Tanguy, De Chirico), to return to my first love, something I had dreamed and hoped might someday happen! The works in this show represent some of the fruits of that journey from the past to the present.

Cove Street Arts is at 71 Cove St., Portland. Call 207-808-8911, email [email protected], or go to for more information.

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