“Do not feel lonely: the entire universe is inside you.” — Rumi

“You Are Never Alone: Paintings by Sally Stanton, Libby Sipe and Emily Sabino” investigates inner images and messaging that reminds us that we are never truly alone in our lives.

The show runs April 26 to June 7 at Waterfall Arts in Belfast.

In difficult times, we may feel like we are on the outside looking in, wondering if we are the only one who feels or thinks like we do. But this is rarely true; seemingly unique challenges are experienced by many, and for artists, there is always an opportunity to encounter guidance, connection and expanded perception while in the studio. 

Sally Stanton’s visual narratives are expressed in bold colors and come from memories, dreams, and the human stories that filter through her subconscious from the unquiet world. Libby Sipe’s dramatic images express the intuitive processing and acceptance of memory and past trauma, so that healing can occur in the present. And Emily Sabino’s archetypal images celebrate the sentience and intelligence of the natural world, an expansive melting into earth magic. These paintings just may inspire the viewer to rethink what allies walk alongside us, seen and unseen. 

Waterfall Arts is at 256 High St., Belfast. Call 207-338-2222 for details.

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