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Pam Cabanas paintings and drawings on exhibit at Salt Pond Studio

Friendship Artist Pam Cabanas hangs an impressive exhibition of her latest works at her Salt Pond Studio gallery in Friendship, on view through August. Large-scale shore scapes in charcoal and acrylic blast into this charming historic school house gallery. These poignant and powerful works will be exhibited at Salt Pond Studio. Salt Pond Studio is […]

Artist Graham Walton exhibits paintings and woodblock prints at Salt Pond Studio

Curated by Friendship artist and gallery owner Pam Cabanas, this solo exhibition at at Salt Pond Studio features the high-color, high-energy paintings of Nobleboro artist Graham Walton, as well as a collection of his woodblock prints. Walton is originally from midcoast Maine and currently residing in Nobleboro. “It is impossible for me to verbally explain […]

Salt Pond Studio Presents Jane Herbert’s ‘Mellow Maine’

Salt Pond Studio in Friendship invites you to this special exhibition of paintings by JANE HERBERT   Salt Pond Studio is situated at the intersection of Salt Pond Road and 522 Cushing Road (Route 97) in the renovated East Friendship School House. Owner Friendship Artist Pam Cabanas has repurposed this 19th century school house as unique art exhibition […]