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Call for fall workshop proposals

Be a part of MCA’s Fall Educational Workshops series by telling MCA what topics you would like to learn more about or teach in fall of 2022. Need a hand with an aspect of growing your business? Want to learn about paper making, block printing, salt-fired ceramics or wood carving? Are you an expert on […]

MCA Essay Series: What Maine Craft Means to Me

By Nisa Smiley At first glance, the word “craft” brings to mind modesty and simplicity and yet, it encompasses so much more. Craft is universal. Human history is rich with craft traditions, livelihoods, and artifacts, collectively telling the stories of who we were, then and there. Any time functional objects were needed, from dishes to […]

Maine Crafts Association Launches [SOURCE + DO] Project

  Are you teaching an online workshop, offering an activity, or providing a service during this time of social distancing? As an additional effort to connect MCA Members with other Maine craft artists, the larger craft community and consumers, Maine Crafts Association has created [SOURCE + DO]. This extension of its [SOURCE + BUY] project […]