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Shaw Jewelry features two solo exhibitions plus work by Maine jewelers

Brad Story and Norman Keyes are showcasing work at Shaw Jewelry from June 13 to July 2 and held a reception on June 13. Story’s sculptures in the show “Bird/Plane/Fish Mashup” honor the laws of fluid dynamics. Fish, birds and airplanes are the shape they are because it is efficient and functional. They are also […]

August featured artists at Shaw Jewelry

Shaw Jewelry will feature work by artists in August and will host an opening reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Aug. 3. Hughes Bosca Bold and Gold Jewelry Meet the artist Aug. 3-5 Caro-Gray and Mary dive into boldness and inventiveness and are uninhibited and unrestrained. Their jewelry is high-karat gold, gemstone-studded, deluxe and fun. […]

Artist exhibitions and reception at Shaw Jewelry 

Shaw Jewelry features three artists with exhibitions July 6 to 19. An opening reception for all three shows will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. July 6, when guests can meet the artists onsite. DON BEST “Animal Kingdom on a Playful Holiday” Cats, dogs and birdies take over the world in Best’s magical imagination. […]

Meet the artists at an opening reception at Shaw Jewelry

Join Shaw Jewelry for two opening receptions from 5 to 7 p.m. Sept. 1 featuring artists J. Aaron Mitchell and Deborah Page. Originally from New York, Deborah Page has made Mount Desert Island her home since 1986. Her mixed-media paintings begin with colorful and expressive marks, random collage elements and a playful intention. Her process […]

Meet the artists at Shaw Jewelry

Meet the artists featured at Shaw Jewelry this month with opening receptions. An opening reception will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Aug. 18 for “LISA DOMBEK: Mount Desert Island’s Mercurial Coast.” The power of landscape is expressed in Dombek’s abstract mixed media artwork. Drawing from the energies of the sea, the stillness of […]

Shaw Jewelry highlights work by Rona Fisher and John Woodruff 

RONA FISHER: Primal Elegance in Precious Metal Rona Fisher’s love of the outdoors explodes in her jewelry. She is enamored with the rush of water over stones, and how the energy passes from water to rocks to the wearer. Mixing metals and rough textures with rose-cut diamonds, she creates an energetic dynamic that’s well-suited for […]

Upcycled jewelry inspired by the Maine coast at Archipelago

For almost 30 years, Gail Miller has created upcycled, scrap metal jewelry, inspired by Maine’s coast and islands. From lobsters, lighthouses and seagulls to farm animals and a special line for Maine’s 200th anniversary, her pieces — in copper, brass and nickel — reflect an understated charm that’s both beautiful, affordable and perfect for everyday […]

Exhibits at Shaw Jewelry

Current exhibits at Shaw Jewelry run from July 29 to Aug. 11. BELLE BROOKE: “Order and Chaos in Tight Packages” Brooke’s studio and gallery are located on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Her lattice-like jewelry is composed of circles, ordered and otherwise. Her work is often fitted with gemstones, playing with scale, lyrical and precise, […]

Shaw Gallery hosting multiple shows throughout July

Featured artists at Shaw Gallery Shaw Gallery is hosting multiple shows throughout July. BARBARA HEINRICH: Contemporary Classics Barbara is all about timeless beauty. She blends classic understatement with contemporary sensibilities. This is about the wearer having an exquisitely made heirloom of beauty and quality. We have shown her work for 35 years, and she is […]

Vibrant glass jewelry inspired by Maine

  Inspired by the colors of the sea, stone, forest and sky, Alison Thibault has combined sheets of glass to form stunning jewelry for more than 20 years. Using dichroic glass, Thibault has created hundreds of color combinations inspired by Vinalhaven. Generally, dichroic glass has two very distinct colors: transmitted and reflected. Transmitted color is […]