Jim Root “Bar Island Sunrise-II “- Oil on Canvas 60” x 60”

Philippe Guillerm Gallery is pleased to announce its first opening of the season Saturday June 11th , from 4:00 to 7:00pm with an Artist Reception and exhibition of works by Jim Root.

Jim was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN living on the White River for much of his childhood. Between canoeing and boating he also began painting and drawing at an early age. He received his degree in graphic design from the University of Cincinnati and pursued a career in advertising with several large ad agencies and then over the past 20 years running his own firm in Chicago.

Jim continued his personal artwork throughout his professional career and since moving part time to Maine has been painting subject matter along the mid coast region. He’s continued his love of the water and boating and explores the shorelines and islands of Muscongus Bay in a kayak, often paddling at dawn or sunset to capture the solitude, light, shadows and reflections of shorelines and islands.

The exhibition will include as yet unseen paintings from Jim Root and sculptures from Philippe Guillerm from the 2016 collection as part of the ArtWalk Waldoboro.

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