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‘Time to Travel’ at Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery

Jean Kigel’s Studio and Gallery in Waldoboro is featuring “Time to Travel,” paintings related to travel, both close by and far away. Recently, many any of us are experiencing  the urge to stretch our boundaries after shuttered ourselves  for so long. Kigel is showing Asian brush paintings and oils from her travels from the Far […]

Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery shows ‘Halcyon Days’ 

Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery presents “Halcyon Days,” an exhibition of realistic watercolors inspired by the Maine Coast. As the summer nears its end, people gather to  take advantage of the Maine’s magic. Featured is “Waiting for the Tide, a watercolor painted near Kigel’s studio. Her paintings have been exhibited in Midcoast; Paris, France; and […]

Jean Kigel’s annual ‘Eastern Views’ exhibit

See Jean Kigel’s annual ‘Eastern Views’ exhibit, featuring Asian brush, watercolor and oil, from 1 to 5 p.m. Aug. 5, 6 and 7 at Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery, 1396 Back Cove Road, Waldoboro. Kigel writes: “This past year I have been working on a series of seascapes in oil, a series of fish in […]

‘Explore Maine’ at Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery

During the second half of July, Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery is hosting “Explore Maine,” featuring Jean Kigel’s series of geometric-realism seascapes. Sam Shaw says of her work, “Jean has applied to the Maine Landscape what a faceted gem does to light. She breaks it into geometric forms of rendered simplicity. The colors, forms and […]

‘Salty Summer Days’ at Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery

“Salty Summer Days,” a collection of representational Maine coast paintings and Asian brushwork, is on exhibit in July at Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery, 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro. Now that we have celebrated the Strawberry moon and the summer solstice, artists and locals take to the sea. With Kigel’s seascapes, one can almost […]

‘Full Bloom’ at Jean Kigel Studio and Gallery

Jean Kigel Studio and Gallery, at 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro, will present “Full Bloom,” a series of new floral paintings. Jean Kigel loves painting at the Maine Coast Botanical Gardens, as well as at her own perennial gardens. Her studies in Japan and China are evident in her brush paintings and watercolors. “I […]

Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery present ‘Peach Blossom Skies’

During May, Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery in Waldoboro presents “Peach Blossom Skies: Asian brush, Watercolors, and Oils.” As the colors of May skies change, Kigel captures their warmer hues in her paintings. Her show starts with the skies over the Great Wall in China and moves to the skies over Muscongus Bay and the […]

‘Pattern and Repetition: Natural and Man-made’ at Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery

During April, Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery in Waldoboro presents “Pattern and Repetition: Natural and Man-made.” Jean Kigel is fascinated in patterns drawn from eclectic sources, notably from Midcoast Maine and travels to the Far East. The parallel trunks of pine in Maine, the refractions of light on water, the cone-shaped karsts of China and […]

Black-and-white exhibit of sumi-e paintings by Jean Kigel

Jean Kigel Studio + Gallery announces a black-and-white exhibit of abstract and representational sumi-e paintings. Her gallery is open by appointment at 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro, and for virtual viewing at The paintings are the product of a winter’s work. Kigel states, “I love the meditative process of grinding ink sticks on […]

‘True North’ at Jean Kigel Studio and Gallery

Jean Kigel Studio and Gallery at 1396 Back Cove Road, Waldoboro, presents “True North,” a holiday show of sumi-e and other paintings celebrating northern reaches of Maine and beyond. A member of the Sumi-e Society of America, Kigel lives on Muscongus Bay and has traveled and studied in Japan and China. The gallery, open all […]