Philippe Guillerm Gallery , June, 2019 (Forest’s Sound by Philippe Guillerm)
An exciting exhibition of innovative new sculptures kicks off the ArtWalk Waldoboro summer season at the Philippe Guillerm Gallery at 882 Main Street in Waldoboro, Maine.
As his work (and his life) clearly show, French-born sculptor, Philippe Guillerm, is not afraid to follow his dreams, wherever they take him. His new work honors that vision.
Surrealist imagery and anthropomorphic abstraction are combined to add motion and magic to compositions created from a wide array of materials – from Caribbean driftwood to discarded musical instruments. Guillerm’s driving force is to protect and then enhance the subtle curve or powerful gesture inherent in each original found piece, whether created by Mother Nature or the maker of an obscure violin. Philippe teaches us to see what was hidden within the familiar or even mundane forms of life.
Complex new forms twist, fold, and bend into postures that challenge the imagination while retaining the purity of line that leads Guillerm’s contemporary sculptures in a new direction.
“The works on view this month push way beyond the limits of the artist’s previous work,” says gallery curator and Philippe’s co-captain in life, Jacqueline Guillerm.

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