“Passages — Bedouin Migration” by Jean Kigel.

On view at Jean Kigel’s Studio and Gallery, 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro,  are new paintings titled “Centuries of Civilization.”

The paintings reflect aspects of history that have had a lasting effect on Jordan’s culture.

Kigel’s watercolors and oils record her memories of and reactions to her recent trip to Jordan. Although her paintings begin realistically, they often become  symbolic.

In this show, Kigel combines unexpected ideas, like a mannequin who can see and a desert paved with mosaics instead of sand. Hopefully, these paintings offer perceptions about the Middle East not taught in history classes.

Gallery hours are flexible daily. Call first is recommended at 207-832-5152.

For more information, visit www.jeankigel.com.

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