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The Whitney Galleries Presents ‘The Art of Paul Noel’ by Paul Noel

The Whitney Galleries welcomes Paul Noel for his third annual one-person show and the fourth in our series for the 2016 season. Paul has created a totally new body of work and while not titled the same as our postcard, it follows his original tag line, “From Near and Far”. This new work, entitled “The Art […]

Douglas Taylor’s New England Revisited at the Whitney Galleries

The Whitney Galleries welcomes Douglas Taylor for his first one-person show and the third in our series for the 2016 season.   Please note that parking is now restricted to our own lot, the Forest Village Condominium clubhouse parking lot, the field behind the gallery, and the Cattails Parking lot next door to the gallery.  We […]

The Whitney Galleries presents “Shades of Light: Life Examined”

The Whitney Galleries welcomes Barbara Morse for her second one-person show and the second in our series for the 2016 season.   Barbara’s new work, entitled “Shades of Light: Life Examined” takes us down the road of our everyday experiences in a new and wonderful way.   Her attention to detail is remarkable, the hint of […]

The Whitney Galleries Second Annual ‘Protecting Our Oceans’ Program Launch & Artist Reception

The Whitney Galleries begins the 2016 season a little late this year, due to the creation of a whole new look at the gallery.   We will open this season’s show schedule with our second annual ‘Protecting Our Oceans’ event.  this year, two new artists, Beverly Rippel and Charlie Widdis, have joined the team (Pamala Crabb […]