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Jean Kigel Gallery in Back Cove Gallery presents ‘Glory of the Flower’

In June, Jean Kigel Gallery in Waldoboro is featuring watercolors and Asian brush florals inspired by Maine’s bulbs, tubers and trees. The “hosts of daffodils” that ushered in the season have now been followed by columbine, dogwood, lupine and apple blossoms. As usual, seasonal blooms, like iris and rhododendrons, direct her palette and her hand. […]

Jean Kigel Gallery in Back Cove Gallery presents ‘The Thaw’ 

  We have set our clocks forward. The equinox has come and gone.  We are stripping off layers. And the roads have been posted. But we must endure the thaw. During April, Jean Kigel Gallery, at 1396 Back Cove in Waldoboro, presents “The Thaw,” a series of paintings depicting that transitional season often dubbed Mud […]

Waldoboro’s Back Cove Gallery presents Jean Kigel’s ‘The Year of the Ox’ exhibition

Jean Kigel’s new Back Cove Gallery opens with a show of Asian brush paintings titled “The Year of the Ox.” This exhibit will take place online and at the gallery, located at 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro, throughout March. Over the past decades, Kigel’s Asian brush paintings have received an overwhelming response both locally […]

‘Tools of the Trade’ at Jean Kigel Studio

Jean Kigel’s final biweekly virtual theme show for the season is called “Tools of the Trade.” If you are drawn to old stuff, you’ll appreciate this series of keepsakes. The show runs Sept. 25 through Oct. 9. Kigel has amassed personal artifacts for these paintings.  Appropriately, this collection starts with her favorite tools for Asian […]

‘Back Yard Hens’ at Jean Kigel Studio

From Aug. 21 to Sept. 4, Jean Kigel Studio returns with Kigel’s bird series, this time with oil paintings of backyard hens. These paintings weigh in on the current impulse to provide for oneself as much as possible, by raising backyard hens for meat and eggs. Having grown up on a poultry farm, Kigel found […]

‘The Sea Hypnotic’ at Kigel Studio

Jean Kigel Studio presents “The Sea Hypnotic,” Jean Kigel’s fourth theme show of the season. This is available for viewing in person at 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro and virtually at from Aug. 7 to 21. There’s something about water that draws us in and fascinates us. It creates peace and awe — […]

‘Boating in Maine for Work and for Pleasure’ Opens at Kigel Studio

With watercolors, Jean Kigel captures realistically the old-time spirit of dories and sailboats in varying weather conditions. With oils, she paints in her newer style of geometric realism. This month, the artist presents paintings of boats. “Boating in Maine for Work and for Pleasure” runs from July 3 through 18 at her Back Cove Studio located […]

Jean Kigel Exhibits ‘Midsummer Solstice Latvian Style’

This year, Jean Kigel announces both an opening and a closing: the opening her Back Cove Studio in Waldoboro and the closing of her Brick House Gallery, which was also in Waldoboro. This summer, Kigel will present her paintings thematically on a bi-weekly basis both digitally and onsite at Kigel Studio, 1396 Back Cove Road, […]

Tidemark Gallery Celebrates Fourteenth Birthday

It’s a party, from 4 to 7 on Saturday, October 12, at Tidemark in Waldoboro featuring guest artist (back by popular demand) André Benoit. The humor and whimsy of his dimensional wooden sculptural assemblages are built upon a depth of serious art-making knowledge and skills.

“On The Comic Side” Exhibit at Philippe Guillerm Gallery

One of the “hottest” and most contemporary art mediums is at the Philippe Guillerm Gallery for this September ArtWalk Waldoboro! A combination of popular, fine art, visual, and literary art, “On the Comic Side” brings out sculptor and painter Philippe Guillerm’s lighter side with his “comic art” paintings. Guillerm will be on hand to explain […]