Gallery b opened the exhibit “Breaking Bread” on July 13 at The Annex Studio. The show runs through July 23.

The group exhibition is presented by gallery b in conjunction with Blue Angel and features more than 50 artists responding to the topics of food, hunger and family.

Participating artists submitted works that resonated with the essays in the powerful book “Breaking Bread: Essays from New England on Food, Hunger, and Family,” collected and edited by Deborah Joy Corey and Debra Spark.

A portion of all proceeds from the show will directly benefit Blue Angel, a nonprofit founded to combat local hunger by Corey.

Artists with work included in the show are Amy Bernhardt, Temple Blackwood, Louise Bourne, Jenny Brillhart, Marcie Jan Bronstein, Kelly Carmody, Charlotte Clews, Kristy Cunnane, Heidi Daub, Eliza Day-Green, Alison Dibble, Lauren Dow, Greg Dunham, Lisa Ennis Tyson, Jill Finsen, Wendy Fullenweider, Juliane Gardner, Amy Graham, Roberta Greany, Nancy Gruskin, Elizabeth Hallett, Lauren Herzak Bauman, Jill Hoy, William Irvine, Ryan Jaenke, Lynn Karlin, June Kellogg, Michele Levesque, Gayle Lewis, Lyn Mayewski, Bill Mayher, Kreg McCune, Michelle L. Morby, Basha Olson, Gail Page, Annie Poole, Rebekah Raye, Michael Rossney, Jen Sansosti, Robert Shetterly, Jessica Simmonds, Augusta Sparks Farnum, Sherry Streeter, Marcia Stremlau, Caroline Sulzer, Johanna Sweet and Betsy Tarlin, Lansing Wagner, Lansing Wagner, Goody-B Wiseman, Andrew Young and Edith Young.

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