Early Autumn, 12 x 16 acrylic on paper on panel, Dee Burdick
A group exhibit by two painters and a sculptor is showing at Hole in the Wall through November 14th.

Dee Burdick describes her paintings as “disrupted realism”.  She paints intuitively with a more expressive approach. She draws from her well of memories to create a work that creates an emotional response.

Connecting Bridge, 12” x 12”, mixed media on board Anne Bernard
Anne Bernard’s paintings grant her access to things unknown through
the process and the result.  Each piece arises from a response to materials and the natural world, time and memory.
Monhegan Wildflowers 20 x 7” x 9”, painted steel, Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett has artistically focused on material that she understands on a technical level.  She has worked as a welder. Her intention in her work is to give metal qualities of motion and weightlessness.

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