Basking In Oil on Canvas 20 x 40 inches
Basking In
Oil on Canvas
20 x 40 inches

Roger Dale Brown returns to Maine with his breathtaking landscape views later this summer in “Roger Dale Brown: A Passion for Painting” at Haynes Galleries. The plein air master will showcase new work, both large and small, painted during recent expeditions and travels. The exhibition will begin August 19 and continue through September 24 and coincide with Haynes Galleries other new show “Zoey Frank: Connections & Changes.” A reception to celebrate the exhibitions will take place from  to 7:30 pm on August 19. Brown and Frank will be in attendance to speak with guests about their work. Both exhibitions and the reception are free and open to the public.

Regatta Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 inches
Oil on Canvas
30 x 40 inches

Brown will also lead a live painting demonstration the day of the opening, August 19, from 3 to 5pm in Haynes Galleries manicured grounds, weather permitting. Brown will narrate as he works so guests will experience his passion for painting first hand. He will discuss his travels and painting trips as well as how he picks his scenes, what makes for an interesting and engaging composition, and his painting process.

The exhibition is inspired by Brown’s new book A Passion for Painting written in collaboration with Larry R. Richardson. Brown will sign copies of the book at a special signing on Saturday, August 20 from 10am to Noon. The book aptly describes the man and his life-long fervor for artistic excellence. With over 200 illustrations, the book is the perfect companion for the exhibition and for landscape art lovers. With his thoughtful approach that mixes controlled, precise brushstrokes with energetic, expressive ones, Brown creates paintings that encapsulate the essence of his vistas.

Downward View Oil on Canvas 36 x 60 inches
Downward View
Oil on Canvas
36 x 60 inches

His vistas alternate between grand views like rocky coasts in the glorious setting sun and more modest views like a rickety old bridge spanning a cove. Brown also is not afraid to play with unexpected perspectives. In Downward View he forces us to confront what is surely a fear for many— a fear of heights— when he paints the view looking down from a seaside cliff. The jagged rocks loom below. White foam gathers from the active waves. It is an enticing view, one that combines natural beauty with the rush of standing so close to the edge. 

But no matter the grandeur of the view, Brown must feel a connection with the place he paints. The views needs to speak to him or elicit some emotion because Brown knows if he does not feel something special, the viewer will not either. 

Ocean Gulls Oil on Canvas 20 x 24 inches
Ocean Gulls
Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 inches

To paint what he feels Brown immerses himself in his landscape. He completes as much of the work as possible on site. But when Brown cannot complete a painting on site, he makes notes in the form of drawings, photographs, and videos. They help Brown re-immerse himself in the moment when he’s back in the studio. It is an approach Brown has adopted in recent years as he continues to push himself as an artist. He is always looking to grow as an artist.

For viewers, the result is paintings that feel welcoming, inviting them into the moment. They can feel the warmth of the sun, hear the lapping of the waves, and smell the pine in the air. 

Day of Rest Oil on Canvas 18 x 30 inches
Day of Rest
Oil on Canvas
18 x 30 inches

The paintings have earned Brown accolades and awards from prestigious competitions. He is also a sought after instructor, teaching workshops and giving demonstrations all over the country. 

“Roger Dale Brown: A Passion for Painting” is a chance to see iconic vistas and unfamiliar scenery captured on canvas delicately and with care. But it is also a chance to experience the beauty of the landscape as Brown sees it, through the eyes of one of the premier plein air artists working today. 

Haynes Galleries is located at 91 Main Street, in Thomaston. For more information, email [email protected], call (615) 430-8147 or (207) 354-0605, or visit

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