Courtesy of Samuel Morgan
Courtesy of Samuel Morgan

On Saturday, July 8th from 4 – 7 pm the Philippe Guillerm Gallery, 882 Main St., Waldoboro participates in ArtWalk Waldoboro with the opening of the exhibition “Animals & Humans”

A very special exhibit featuring works by both Samuel Morgan and Philippe Guillerm. Samuel is a well-known artist whose animals include those of many threatened and endangered species such as the Polar Bear, the Chimpanzee and the Giraffe. Philippe Guillerm’s body of work is a mesmerizing assemblage of human curves and feelings, from the rough driftwood to the smooth curved surface his musical instruments flow from Animal to Human.

The most important statement about Samuel Morgan is that he loves colors. Color is a common thread in his paintings as well as his life. From New England, although he has traveled extensively and lived in various places on the East coast, he currently makes his home in coastal Maine.

Artist Philippe Guillerm has brought the violin to life. Although these musical instruments can be described as lively, it is more often than not the music that they produce that is so. Instead of focusing on the music, Philippe Guillerm focuses on their physical form.

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