Readying for its third season, gallery b. will host its small work show, “Art For Right Now — Small Works Show: 2 Sizes 2 Prices.” The show includes artists from the greater Blue Hill peninsula and all over North America, including many of this region’s working artists. 

“The work is absolutely wonderful. There’s something about the size of these pieces, and the intimacy of the artists’ touch makes them irresistible,” shares gallery owner and artist Goody-B Wiseman.

During the month-long event, the public can visit gallery b. in person or online at to view hundreds of 5-by-7-inch works from more than 78 artists who responded to the call to create small works on panels to be sold at a fixed price. The local 10×8 Group have created work that will also be available for another fixed price. New works will be installed at the gallery and posted online each week.

For the 23rd annual event, the 10×8 Group’s show will also be hosted at gallery b. again in 2022. This year, as with last year, these works will be available for sale in the gallery from Nov. 19 to Dec. 19. As is tradition, the 10×8 Group will hold a flash sale on Dec. 10, online and in person, when all remaining 10×8 work is sold for a lower price. 

“We wanted to capture the essence of the traditional event by having our work show altogether in a space. We value the opportunity to make our work available at a more affordable price than usual to the people who have been collecting these works for so long and for the people who are excited to start collecting them,” Wiseman says. “I am stunned and delighted by the amount of joy and pleasure this show has created each year. It’s not only fun, but it’s beneficial for both the artists, the community, and the online spectators. New artists were meeting new audiences and each other, online and in person. Not only was the gallery a feast for the eyes, but it put beautifully crafted artwork in reach for a much wider audience.”


5×7 Group Artists: Amy Bernhardt, Amy Graham, Andrew Young, Anna Dibble, Augusta Sparks Farnum, Barbara Snapp, Bibby Loring, Bill Mayher, Caroline Phillips Buttner, Caroline Sulzer, Celeste J Henriquez, Charlotte Clews, Chrissy Nickerson, Alison C. Dibble, Claire Dibble, Edith W. Young, Eileen W Ahern, Elizabeth Ashton Hallett, Emily Boucher, France Hibert, Gayle Lewis, Gloria Harrelson, Gretchen Warsen, Hannah Bureau, Hannah Burr, Hattie Barker, Heather Lyon, Holly Perry, Jennifer S. White, Jill Finsen, Jill Hoy, Johanna Reynolds, Judy Fraser, Juliane Gardner, June Kellogg, Kate Parrent, Katharine Bell, Kristy Cunnane, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Leah Jacobs, Lilia Teal, Lisa Tyson Ennis, Lyn Mayewski, Lynn Cooper, Lynne Wessel, Marcia Stremlau, Marcie Jan Bronstein, Marjorie Sopkin, Mary Barnes, Melissa Kuntz, Michael Rossney, Michele Levesque, Michelle L. Morby, Mike Ousley, Mitchell Wiebe, Molly Dwyer, Nancy Bea Miller, Nancy Friedland, Pamela Elias, Rebekah Raye, Roberta Amina Greany, Roddy Scheer, Sal Taylor Kydd, Sara MacCulloch, Sarah Kate Jorgensen, Shelley Mansel, Sherry Streeter, Susan Ferro, Susan Finsen, Wendy Fullenweider.

10×8 Group artists: Louise Bourne, Cynthia Winings, Gail Page, Goody-B. Wiseman, Melissa Greene, Annie Poole, Heidi Daub.

See the work at gallery b. at 5 Main St. in Castine or at Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

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