Jean Kigel, Attic Window Series Friendship From Wallaces to the Wharfs oil 18×22

New paintings by Jean Kigel are featured at a museum-quality retro 1950’s setting, the Brick House Gallery, 176 Winslow Mills Road, Waldoboro from August 11th to 13th.  The reception  is on Friday August 11th from 5-7pm.
Celebrating its 19th season, Kigel’s Annual Eastern Views is a synthesis of motifs from Maine and Asia. Continuing her new geometric-realism series, she manipulates visual perceptions, creating a dichotomy of the real and the unreal.  Her seascapes capture jagged patterns of the luminous, shifting light and reflective waters of Maine.  Several muses – including Clary Hill and sea creatures – appear again and again, testament to their emotional power for the artist.  Featured this year is “Muscongus”, depicting the Atlantic in vibrant tones of blues, which she observed while kayaking near her studio.
In addition, Kigel will exhibit her growing attic windows series. These whimsical paintings depict colorful clusters of roof tops of an by-gone, architectural style in Mid-coast towns.   “When I paint this series, I always delight and surprise myself, reshaping forms, reinterpreting colors, and even inserting magical elements like fish into the skies.”
As usual, Kigel’s show is punctuated with paintings of garden perennials; her Asian brush techniques lending a sense of “exotica” to the familiar.
An award-winning member of the Sumi-e Society of America and the Union of Maine Visual Artists, Kigel’s work is exhibited in galleries in Maine, Massachusetts, NY City, and Vermont.    For more information, preview this exhibit at or call 975-3262.

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