“Towards Home” detail, by Helene Farrar.

Helene Farrar’s painting “Towards Home” is on exhibit at the Southern Vermont Arts Center.

The piece is part of an ongoing series titled “What We Carry.”

“As a means to provide a view into human nature about what we cherish, collect, remember and carry, the viewer sees the invisible relationships we have with each other as we “move” burden, joy and even physical stuff,” Farrar explains. “These works are to inspire introspection individually and collectively, proposing we are bigger than what we carry, and our individual burdens are just a small part of something much bigger than ourselves. I ask others to consider how they might be carrying with them an entire room of a life or a singular chapter or a traumatic experience of weight. What we carry is an attempt to begin discussions about this mystery behind our human nature. These works allow one to see the unseen, like an act of personal intention, and to encourage collective and individual compassion and understanding in our messy lives.”

Email the artist at helene@helenefarrar.com, or check her recent work on Instagram @helenefarrar or on Facebook.