Aug. 3 begins the second half of the season at Pemaquid Art Gallery in Lighthouse Park, Bristol. At the mid-summer mark each season, artists refresh their displays with new work. Even if visitors have been to the gallery earlier, it’s worth another visit to view the wide variety of artwork created by this year’s 32 juried members.

Two artists who have shown before, Belva Ann Prycel and Marnie Sinclair, are returning this year after a hiatus. Watercolorist Gary Smith is a new member.

A diverse assortment of artwork, including paintings in watercolor, oil, pastel and acrylic, both framed and unframed, is on view. Adding to the diversity, Sherrie York offers original, hand-pulled linocuts, Bruce Babb shows his wood veneering art of marquetry, and Hannah Ineson is showing functional and sculptural works in clay.

The vision of the gallery is to provide a venue for some of the most talented and creative artists in the area, all of whom live and work in Lincoln County most or all of the year. Much of the art is inspired by local scenery or Maine themes. In addition, sales from the gallery support many art projects and school programs in the area.

The 2022 exhibiting members of the Pemaquid Group of Artists include Barbara Applegate, Debra Arter, Bruce Babb, Julie Babb, Stephen Busch, John Butke, Dianne Dolan, Gwendolyn Evans, Peggy Farrell, Sarah Fisher, Claire Hancock, Kay Sawyer Hannah, Kathleen Horst, Hannah Ineson, Will Kefauver, Jan Kilburn, Barbara Klein, Patti Leavitt, Sally Loughridge, Judy Nixon, Alexandra Perry-Weiss, Belva Ann Prycel, Paul Sherman, Marnie Sinclair, Gary Smith, Cindy Spencer, Liliana Thelander, Kim Skillen Traina, Barbara Vanderbilt, Bob Vaughan, Candace Vlcek and Sherrie York.

Pemaquid Art Gallery is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Oct. 10. For more information, visit

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