Inness Hancock


Inness Hancock’s show “Visions” opened at 123 Main Street in Northeast Harbor and is on display through Labor Day. Hancock’s collection of watercolor and oil paintings encapsulates more than one’s ability to see or observe nature and art but to perceive and manifest it. The paintings in this collection are her “visions”.


Inness’s artist statement reads: “I believe we enter this world with a unique vision. Mine is one of blinding beauty, union and connectedness with the universe. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to be able to share this vision with the rest of the world. This vision is an opportunity to see beyond the literal, to go deeper, and to walk into a space of love and awe, and hopefully share that space and experience with others.”


If you’d like to step further into Hancock’s world, visit or reach out via phone (917-207-7697) or email ([email protected]) to set up an appointment in the gallery or to visit the artist at work on her painting terrace. 123 Main Street, Northeast Harbor is open Thursday–Saturday, 9am to 3pm, or by appointment. You may find Inness on the Web at or on Instagram @innesshancock.

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