Photograph of works by three artists.

“Shapeshifter” highlights work by Chelsea Ellis, Whitney Gill and Allison McKeen and their exploration of shapes through ceramics, photography and painting. In each artist’s work, one can see recognizable shapes transformed- from circles to the human form.

The show runs from Sept. 9 to Oct. 29 at Monkitree in Gardiner.

In Gill’s ceramic forms, broad brushstroke circles may reveal a hidden rectangle. In McKeen’s paintings, one may find bisected circles and multicolored arches, while Ellis’s photographs morph the human form in unexpected ways.

Working off a common theme, each artist developed their own interpretation.

“I follow two curiosities: the deconstruction of the female body into an apparitional experience and the creation of windows through which viewers can see an almost human dimension inhabited by these humanoid forms and fragments,” Ellis says.

“I wondered how one’s personal transformation can be felt in the form they have created,” Gills says. “In so many ways, we have all been forced to transform and adapt to our current circumstances. These forms reflect my own transitional state in an ever-changing environment.”

“When I’m painting, my only plan is to leave the piece unplanned with as much room for play and spontaneity as possible,” McKeen says. “The image shifts as each new addition builds off of the last. I make hundreds of small decisions, over and over. The process builds trust with my own intuition as it builds the composition.”

An opening reception was held on Sept. 9.

Monkitree is at 263 Water St., Gardiner. Go to for additional information.

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