From left, Anthony Anderson and Howard Gallagher.

As we close the summer season of 2022, I am filled with a great feeling of relief, exhaustion and pure gratitude for all of those who have made this summer season at Camden Falls Gallery what it was. To all of our artist, staff and patrons, I really can’t thank you enough.

Resurfacing last summer post-COVID was a whirlwind that didn’t stop and turned into the best season we ever had. It was as if our artists during the time of COVID found these hidden resources and juices they infused into their art. The summer hit with an influx of public eager to escape the boundaries of their homes, explore our wonderful area and take a little bit of Maine art home with them. Our artists did not disappoint and kept going with all afterburners screaming on high, producing an incredible volume and selection of works that found an appreciative audience and new homes.

Really, I’m not sure what happened. A lot of people were writing off the summer of 2021 as a fluke, just a rebound from COVID. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that this year would far surpass 2021, but it did. I believe we saw fewer people in the Camden area, but our sales throughout the gallery were way up.

One of the true joys of the gallery is working with a younger emerging artist and watching their progress as they roll another year into their art and development as artists. This is not been overlooked by our patrons, but it seems eagerly awaited upon.

Again, thank you all. For me, it is time for a winter break, time to recharge, then hit it again next year.

Signing out,
Howard Gallagher, Camden Falls Gallery

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